The latest single from The Last Artful, Dodgr & Neill Von Tally's upcoming LP Bone Music is out now. Caverns is filled with soulful delivery, acrobatic lyrics, and ridiculously deep bass. Check out the video above to see the dark and eye-catching video for the single.

    Caverns, and all songs from Bone Music, were mixed by Justin Longerbeam and mastered at Telegraph.

    Oofda, the first single from The Last Artful, Dodgr's upcoming album Bone Music, is out now. Oofda showcases the cohesion between the effortless control of Dodgr's delivery and the magmatic bass of producer Neill Von Tally. For more details on Bone Music check out the video below of Dodgr on Sway In The Morning, hot on the heels of her appearance on The Tonight Show supporting Aminé.

    Oofda was mixed by Justin Longerbeam. It was mastered for digital and vinyl at Telegraph.

    The new EP from Martell Webster is out now. Emerald District is the followup to ARTT, and refines the sound of that acclaimed EP. The wordplay and flow is tighter and the beats are better than ever. PNW Hip Hop is raising it's profile everyday and Martell is an integral part of that.

    Emerald District is out now on EYRST. It was mixed by Justin Longerbeam and mastered for digital/CD, as well as cut for vinyl, at Telegraph.

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