The Subversive Nature of Kindness, the new album from Thor & Friends, is out now. The Subversive Nature of Kindness is the second album from Thor & Friends, the group consisting of brilliant percussionist Thor Harris, and multi-instrumentalists Peggy Ghorbani, and Sarah Gautier. Melody and poly-rhythmic wizardry combine for sublime album of avant-garde chamber pop. The album was recorded and mixed by A Hawk & A Hacksaw's Jeremy Barnes and Deerhoof's John Dietrich. Grab a copy on vinyl now and bliss out.

    The Subversive Nature of Kindness is out now on LM Duplication. It was mastered for vinyl and cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    The self titled debut LP from Tercelvoice is out now. Tercelvoice is a beautifully sparse indie folk record. The dynamic instrumentation has space for lovely moments of tension, release, swelling intensity, and gentle calm. It's a wonderful album that rewards repeat listening. Check out Used Up below and then grab the limited edition vinyl, along with a Risograph print from Jon Owen, before they are gone.

    Tercelvoice was mastered for digital/CD and vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Horizons, the new EP from Candace, is out now. Candace's follow up EP to the acclaimed Great Basin LP develops on their sound considerably. Lush, cascading vocals weave in and out of woozy reverb-drench dream pop. The music is beautiful from top to bottom and is simultaneously fun and contemplative. Check out the title track below and then grab a copy on vinyl before they vanish.

    Horizons is out now on Found Object Records. It was mastered for Download/CD and vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    No Fury, the solo debut for Jessica Boudreaux, is out now! No Fury is the debut solo album from the Summer Cannibals front woman. It's a departure from from the raw punk-tinged energy Jessica Boudreaux has become known for. The songwriting is upbeat and heavily influenced by synth pop, and the influence of producer Hutch Harris moves the songs in an evermore hook-filled direction. Check out the video for Televised below and then pick up a copy of the limited edition color vinyl before it's gone.

    No Fury was mixed by Victor Nash. It mastered for all formats by Adam at Telegraph.

    Ten, the compilation celebrating a decade of Tender Loving Empire, is out now. Tender Loving Empire has been one of the best curated independent labels anywhere since it's inception. Ten is a celebration of their tenth anniversary with 10 deep cuts from the TLE catalog. Y La Bamba, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Loch Lomond, Finn Riggins, Typhoon, Radiation City, Brainstorm, Andy Shauf, The Family Crest, & The Domestics are all here. Ten is a limited edition vinyl-only release and it comes with a commemorative TLE turntable mat. Get it now!

    Ten is out now on Tender Loving Empire. It was mastered for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Wild & Reckless, the new LP from Blitzen Trapper is out now. Wild & Reckless is based on a staged concert the band worked on for over year dealing with themes of addiction, love, and how society fails those who need help the most. The music is a darkness-tinged exploration of Americana. Check out the video for Rebel below for a taste of the album's arresting songwriting and then pick up a copy of the limited edition vinyl.

    Wild & Reckless is out now on LidKerCow. It was mastered for Download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Hostage Animal, the new album from All Pigs Must Die, is out now. All Pigs Must Die consist of members from Converge, The Hope Conspiracy, Bloodhorse, and Trap Them. Their two previous release have showcased brilliant songwriting and virtuosic musicianship coalescing around brutally heavy music. Hostage Animals takes their sound to new levels of ferocity. Grab a copy on sought-after limited edition vinyl before it's gone and experience this the way it was meant to be heard.

    Hostage Animal is out now on Southern Lord. It was mastered for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Genocide, the new EP from Red Dons, is out now. Genocide is the first release from Red Dons since their 2015 full length The Dead Hand Of Tradition. Red Dons are masters at integrating punk intensity with elevating songwriting and pop sensibilities. Here they synthesize the best elements of 80s southern California punk with huge anthemic melodies. This is a limited edition vinyl-only 7" so grab a copy while you can.

    Genocide is out on Man In Decline Records. It was mastered for vinyl / cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Waveland by Country Florist is out now on Drawing Room Records. Waveland has heavy sample based grooves that are both dark and rhythmic. Andrew Morgan (of Chinese Girls and Ettiem) creates a conversational atmosphere inside of heavy jazz loops; perfect for wee hour contemplative or wind down play.

    Waveland was fully mastered for digital and vinyl release by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    Infinite Hiatus, the new album from Cool American, is out now. Infinite Hiatus is a grime-pop gem, with acute songwriting and big hooks. It's a mature and charming album that will stay in your head for days and keep bringing you back for repeat listens. Check out the single Great At Parties below and then grab a copy of the limited edition vinyl.

    Infinite Hiatus was mixed by Andy Rusinek and is out on Good Cheer Records. It was mastered for vinyl / cut by Adam at Telegraph.

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