Telegraph Mastering is owned and operated by mastering engineers Adam Gonsalves and Amy Dragon.


The most important aspect of mastering is communication. Optimal results come from clear expectations from the client and open communication on the process from the engineer. This is a crucial first, middle, and last step.

Mastering is about quality control, assuring translation, and applying corrections or treatments after careful, focused listening. To make our client's music sound it's absolute best we rely on patience, an ear for detail, and the ability to juggle the micro and the macro simultaneously. The right approach to tackling a problem is every bit as important as the tools you use to solve it.

Listen attentively and bring out the best are the guiding principles at Telegraph.

Adam Gonsalves
Senior Mastering Engineer
Adam has mastered over a thousand releases from artists around the world. He is equally at home mastering for digital formats and cutting lacquers for vinyl. Prior to mastering Adam worked for 7 years as a tracking and mixing engineer at Anchorhold Recording. From 2010-2013 Adam also produced the Square Cad Mastering Podcast.

Adam received a master’s degree in Music Technology from New York University. Adam is  approved to provide Mastered for iTunes masters.

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Amy Dragon
Mastering Engineer
Since joining Telegraph in 2013 Amy has brought focus, dedication, and a keen ear to reissue, restoration, and format transfer projects. Her impressive work and commitment to outstanding sound quality speak for themselves. In 2015 Amy began mastering and lacquer cutting, and has proven to be an invaluable addition to Telegraph.
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Telegraph Mastering features the best analog and digital technology. The backbone of the studio's signal chain are outstanding monitoring from Dunlavy and Hypex Amplification, top of the line conversion from Fred Forssell, an entirely custom EQ section, and mastering-grade processors from Prism.

Lacquer cutting for vinyl is performed with a fully restored
Neumann VMS70 Lathe, and customized VG66 rack. The VMS70 has cut some of the best records of all time, and Telegraph's system sounds excellent.

The monitoring chain, custom console, and lathe are housed within a strikingly accurate room featuring acoustic upgrades by
Andreas Nordenstam.

At the equipment has been carefully chosen to best handle every possible task. Everything inside the signal path is amazingly clean and detailed. Sonic enhancements are made with an incredible amount of precision, clarity, and depth.
Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-IV/A
Hypex UcD400HG Mono Block Amplifiers

Weiss Engineering DAC1 Mk-3 (x2)
Forssell Technologies MDAC-4a
Custom A/D

Maselec MTC-1x Mastering Transfer Console

Neumann VMS70
SX-74 Cutterhead
VG66 Rack (Customized)
RB-DS2 Delay (Customized)
DJR Discomp Pitch & Depth System

Analog Processing
Custom BPNEQ Parametric Equalizer
Custom VS Shelving Equalizer
Custom Elliptical EQ and HP / LP filters
Custom ‘HEQ’ Mastering Program EQ
Custom Transformer 'Saturator'
Maselec MLA-2 Stereo Mastering Compressor
Maselec MPL-2 High Frequency Limiter / Peak Limiter
Maselec MLA-4 Tri-Band Compressor / Expander

Digital Processing
Custom Coded MB Processor
iZotope RX Complete Restoration Suite
Select plugins from Flux, Fab Filter, and DMG.

All digital file formats
Ampex ATR-102 - restored by Mike Spitz (1/2" & 1/4")
Custom phono prepamp
Sony SR510H CD Player

Wavelab 9

Disc Burning
Plextor PX-716SA
Taiyo Yuden blank media

All wiring is custom length with Mogami Cables and Neutrik gold jacks.

Photos by Paul Laxer and Liz Rhodes

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