The American Leather: Portland Edition is out now. This compilation was curated by Jerry A of Poison Idea as a showcase of some of Portland's most exciting talent. The artists the gamut from punk to pop to experimental and include Eyelids, Daniel Menche, Jenny Don't & The Spurs, Pinnacles and more. Grab a copy of the limited edition grey vinyl before it's gone for good.

    American Leather: Portland Edition was mastered for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Electric Dread, the sophomore album from NRVS LVRS is out now. Electric Dread is a dense and rewarding album. It's imperative of thick synths and dark hooks pushes with the force of a freight train. Here NRVS LVRS are at their most sonically bellicose and rewarding. Check out the video below for I Am Almost Perfectly Awake and grab a copy on vinyl before they run out.

    Electric Dread is out now on Big Bldg Rcrds. It was mixed by Larry Crane and mastered for Download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Live in Detroit, the new album from Zakk Sabbath, is out now. Zakk Sabbath is the Black Sabbath-worshipping supergroup featuring current Ozzy Osbourne band members Zakk Wylde and Blasko with support from drummer Joey Castillo of Danzig and Queens Of The Stone Age. The riffs are huge and the performances are fierce. The quality of this recording is outstanding, you won't even think it's live until you hear the audience clap. Fans of anything even remotely Black Sabbath related should grab a copy on vinyl before they are gone.

    Live In Detroit was mastered for vinyl/cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Alabursy, The Green Stone, & Buck, three new LPs from Daniel Norgren, are out now. Daniel Norgren has been one a creative tear recently, and the electro/acoustic artist has plenty to show for his effort. Sold out shows worldwide, festival headlining, and an ever expanding discography. On his three most recent vinyl releases all the hallmark's of past Daniel Norgren records are present. The intimate songwriting, the use of homemade instrumentals and unconventional sounds, and the dynamism of the performances. The albums are a great introduction to his sound or a worthwhile continuation for those who already love him.

    Alabursy, The Green Stone, & Buck are out on Super Puma Records. They were recorded by Pelle Nyhage and mastered for vinyl/cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Ballads, the debut LP from Ashley Bellouin, is out now. Ballads is mind expanding work of experimental music focusing on acoustic and psychoacoustic effects that can be achieved through instrumental micro-tuning. It is astounding how heightened the listening experience becomes when you're focusing on small details in overall soundscape. It's a beautiful, thought provoking release.

    Ballads is out on Drawing Room Records. It was mastered for digital formats, vinyl, and cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Fleurie's debut album Love And War has made it's way into the world and is not to be missed. From the top of the A side straight through to the end of the B, this record is an epically beautiful electro pop journey. Each track is richly layered with winding instrumentals led by Lauren Strahm's smoldering vocal performance.

    Love And War limited vinyl is available through Private Press, or direct from the artist at

    Mastered for vinyl/cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    Solar Power: New Sounds In Seattle Hip Hop is out now. Solar Power is flagship compilation of Crane City Music showcasing the emergent sounds of Seattle. DoNormal, Remember Face, & Stas Thee Boss are represented, among many others. It's a limited vinyl only release, grab a copy before they vanish!

    Solar Power is out on Crane City Music. It was mastered for vinyl/cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Mid-Century Sounds: Deep Cuts from The Desert is out now. Mid-Century Sounds is a career overview of producer Floyd Ramsey. Ramsey had a huge impact on pop music throughout the 50s and worked extensively with labels like EMI, Liberty Bell, REV, & MCI. He helped launch the career of Waylon Jennings, Lee Hazelwood, Connie Conway, and others. Mid-Century Sounds is a double album worth of Ramsey's work.

    Mid-Century Sounds is out now on Fervor Records. It was mastered for download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Lost Somewhere Between The Earth and My Home, The Geraldine Fibbers' debut, is out now. The Geraldine Fibbers was an experimental alt-country band formed by Nels Cline of Wilco and Jessica Moss of Thee Silver Mt. Zion. Lost Somewhere Between The Earth and My Home was their 1995 major label debut. It's a tenacious yet warm and inviting album. This version has been remastered from original source and combined with 4 bonus tracks. Check out the video for Thank You For Giving Me Life below.

    Lost Somewhere Between The Earth and My Home is out now on Jealous Butcher Records. It was mastered for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Witness Protection Program, is the latest EP by Seattle's garage punk darlings, The Snubs. This rippin 4 track EP holds some incredibly catchy tunes. If you don't have the pleasure of seeing this band live, their vinyl is the next best thing. This EP lives up to the band's reputation for irreverent rock.

    Witness Protection Program Limited ruby red 7" available now

    Recorded/mixed at Egg Studios by Conrad Uno. Mastered for Download/CD and cut for vinyl by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

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