Soul Chops, the new album from Theory Hazit, is out now. Soul Chops was the December installment of the acclaimed monthly beat series from hip-hop artist and beat maker Theory Hazit. Soul Chops features 28 tracks of innovative beat crafting and sampling. The physical release of Soul Chops is on a double LP of snow white vinyl limited to 200 copies, so grab it before it's gone.

    Soul Chops is out now on Kiasu Records. It was mastered for vinyl and cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Introducing girlSperm (gSp), the new punk trio comprised of three historic heavy hitters in the punk rock world-: Tobi Vail, Layla Gibbon, and Marissa Magic. Their new release 12", is out now on Thrilling Living. You can check out recent reviews in Pitchfork's top 10 best Garage Punk Records of 2017 and a rad interview by Katie Alice Greer of Priests- but really- just check out their album; it meticulously blends pertinent social themes with wry wit and infectious riffs & throbs.

    12" is out now on Thrilling Living and fully mastered for all formats; digital and vinyl; by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    Change, the debut solo album from Cindy Wilson, is out now. After almost 40 years as the lead singer for the legendary B-52s, Cindy Wilson has made an album with a different musical approach at it's core. Change is a meticulously crafted album with soaring vocals, lush accompaniments, and creative songwriting. Hearing Cindy Wilson's considerable talent applied in a new context is a true joy. This is a gift for all fans of independent pop music.

    Change is out now on Kill Rock Stars. It was mastered for vinyl and cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    8, the new album from Ufomammut, is out now. 8 is the 8th from Italy's Ufomammut and is compromised of 8 movements in a single composition. The music is powerful, moving, and intense doom. Check the track Warsheep below and grab a copy of the 180gram vinyl release while they are still available.

    8 is out now on Neurot Recordings. It was mastered for vinyl/cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Skogens Frukter, the new album from Daniel Norgren, is out now. Skogens Frukter contains new recordings of songs released on 3 previous Daniel Norgren albums as well as brand new unreleased tracks. Daniel Norgren's signature folksy drawl and rock solid songwriting shine through here. Skogens Frukter is a special release in collaboration with Vinyl Me, Please and is only available through that service or the Super Puma Website. Ultra limited, grab it while you can!

    Skogens Frukter is out now on Super Puma Records. It was mastered for vinyl and cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Kronstadt Dreamin' is ROCKNHO's maiden album and tribute to the 100 year anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917. This album encompasses everything that is beloved from glamrock's greats with a fuck you rebel fist pump. ROCKHNO is a collectivism of some of Olympia's finest, with members of The Need, D.O.G, The Bangs, Tight Bros, From Way Back When, Nudity, Quayde LaHüe, and Western Hymn. It is hella fun and worthy of many turns on the old turn table.

    Kronstadt Dreamin' is out now on Adult Fantasy Records. It was fully mastered for digital and vinyl/cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    Bonds of Prosperity, the debut album from Thalassa, is out now. Thalassa is avant grade drone brainchild of post-hardcore polymath Aaron Turner and synth composer William Fowler Collins. Bonds of Prosperity is an exploration of benthic and tectonic sound. Patiently developing atmospheric sounds & huge swells of disturbing drone combine to make this one of the most interesting and satisfying ambient albums of the year. Grab a copy of this limited edition double LP before it's gone.

    Bonds of Prosperity is out now on Sige Records. It was mastered for vinyl/cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    The Subversive Nature of Kindness, the new album from Thor & Friends, is out now. The Subversive Nature of Kindness is the second album from Thor & Friends, the group consisting of brilliant percussionist Thor Harris, and multi-instrumentalists Peggy Ghorbani, and Sarah Gautier. Melody and poly-rhythmic wizardry combine for sublime album of avant-garde chamber pop. The album was recorded and mixed by A Hawk & A Hacksaw's Jeremy Barnes and Deerhoof's John Dietrich. Grab a copy on vinyl now and bliss out.

    The Subversive Nature of Kindness is out now on LM Duplication. It was mastered for vinyl and cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    The self titled debut LP from Tercelvoice is out now. Tercelvoice is a beautifully sparse indie folk record. The dynamic instrumentation has space for lovely moments of tension, release, swelling intensity, and gentle calm. It's a wonderful album that rewards repeat listening. Check out Used Up below and then grab the limited edition vinyl, along with a Risograph print from Jon Owen, before they are gone.

    Tercelvoice was mastered for digital/CD and vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    No Fury, the solo debut for Jessica Boudreaux, is out now! No Fury is the debut solo album from the Summer Cannibals front woman. It's a departure from from the raw punk-tinged energy Jessica Boudreaux has become known for. The songwriting is upbeat and heavily influenced by synth pop, and the influence of producer Hutch Harris moves the songs in an evermore hook-filled direction. Check out the video for Televised below and then pick up a copy of the limited edition color vinyl before it's gone.

    No Fury was mixed by Victor Nash. It mastered for all formats by Adam at Telegraph.

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