Private Press's July club release, Gospel Train by Bishop Dready Manning. Born in 1934 in North Carolina, and Inspired by musicians like Blind Boy Fuller and Brownie McGhee, Manning, launched his musical career in the local blues clubs bootlegging moonshine on the side. Fast living caught up with him and he eventually moved from the clubs to electrifying his home town's spiritual community with arrangements of treasured gospel tunes and many of his own striking compositions. Proceeds from this release will go on to support Music Maker Relief Foundation.

    Gospel Train is available now through Private Press and online. It was mastered for vinyl/cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    The self titled debut from Sunbathe is out now. Sunbathe features of Maggie Morris of Genders fame as bandleader and songwriter. The music channels the ascendent melodies of 70s radio with the vim and vigor of punk. Lyrically Sunbathe is about strength through adversity, and finding silver linings. Check out Magic Number below and grab a copy of the limited edition vinyl before it's gone.

    Sunbathe was recorded by Victor Nash at Destination Universe. It was mastered for digital/CD and vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Call Of The Road, the newest release out now from Jenny Don't And The Spurs. This edgy garagey-country full length release is not to be missed. Jenny's visceral crooning is a call back to country greats with a contemporary grind. Don't is backed by outstanding PDX all-stars, Kelly Halliburton of Pierced Arrows, Sam Henry of Wipers and The Rats, and JT Halmfilst of Audios Amigos.

    Call Of The Road is available now through Mississippi Records. It was mixed at Red Lantern Studios by Evan Mersky. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. And was mastered for vinyl/cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    Lazy Karaoke, the new LP from Human Leather, is out now. Lazy Karaoke is beautiful amalgam of everything that makes synth-pop great. It careens from dark electro to slick disco-influenced dance tracks. 80s influences abound but Human Leather has their unique sound, informed by the past but singular and modern. Check out the album opener Not My Business Anymore below and then grab a copy on vinyl before it's gone.

    Lazy Karaoke is out now on Circle Social Records. It was mastered for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Oregon's Finest, the new LP from Widowmaker, is out now. Oregon's Finest takes the deep grooves of Widowmaker's instrumental hip hop new levels. The samples are perfect and the beats are smooth. This is a perfect follow up to their debut LP Colossus and the first release in collaboration with the OxF dispensary. Quantities of this vinyl-only release are limited and a portion of all proceeds go to Friends Of Trees so grab a copy while you can!

    Oregon's Finest was mastered for vinyl / cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    Electric Dread, the sophomore album from NRVS LVRS is out now. Electric Dread is a dense and rewarding album. It's imperative of thick synths and dark hooks pushes with the force of a freight train. Here NRVS LVRS are at their most sonically bellicose and rewarding. Check out the video below for I Am Almost Perfectly Awake and grab a copy on vinyl before they run out.

    Electric Dread is out now on Big Bldg Rcrds. It was mixed by Larry Crane and mastered for Download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Live in Detroit, the new album from Zakk Sabbath, is out now. Zakk Sabbath is the Black Sabbath-worshipping supergroup featuring current Ozzy Osbourne band members Zakk Wylde and Blasko with support from drummer Joey Castillo of Danzig and Queens Of The Stone Age. The riffs are huge and the performances are fierce. The quality of this recording is outstanding, you won't even think it's live until you hear the audience clap. Fans of anything even remotely Black Sabbath related should grab a copy on vinyl before they are gone.

    Live In Detroit was mastered for vinyl/cut by Adam at Telegraph.

    The self titled debut from Arthur & The Antics is out now. Arthur & The Antics is the solo project of Scott Magee, drummer and bandleader for Ural Thomas & The Pain. Scott's solo songwriting evokes heavy 70s-radio vibes with huge hooks and massive melodies. This is a record that begs to be turned up, the dynamism and power in the performances will blow your hair back.

    Arthur & the Antics was mixed by Jeff Saltzman. It was mastered by Adam at Telegraph.

    Out There Ideas, the debut full length from Shannon Entropy, is out now. Out There Ideas is the follow up to the beloved Tamale EP, and showcases Shannon Entropy's strong songwriting chops. They can flit between prog sensibilities, atmospheric haze, and delicate melodies effortlessly. Often within the same song. It's a beautiful thing. Grab a copy and hear for yourself.

    Out There Ideas was mastered by Adam at Telegraph.

    Alabursy, The Green Stone, & Buck, three new LPs from Daniel Norgren, are out now. Daniel Norgren has been one a creative tear recently, and the electro/acoustic artist has plenty to show for his effort. Sold out shows worldwide, festival headlining, and an ever expanding discography. On his three most recent vinyl releases all the hallmark's of past Daniel Norgren records are present. The intimate songwriting, the use of homemade instrumentals and unconventional sounds, and the dynamism of the performances. The albums are a great introduction to his sound or a worthwhile continuation for those who already love him.

    Alabursy, The Green Stone, & Buck are out on Super Puma Records. They were recorded by Pelle Nyhage and mastered for vinyl/cut by Adam at Telegraph.

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