Life is Long, the new album from Jared Mees, is out now. Life Is Long is a triumphant celebration of all life's messiness. Stirring vocals and powerful melodies guide the songs through themes of fatherhood, suicide, love, loss of faith and more. It's as moving a record you'll hear this year and Jared's best so far. Grab a copy on vinyl before they are gone.

    Life is Long was mixed by Paul Laxer. It was mastered for digital/CD and vinyl by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph.

    The self titled debut album from Jessica Dennison + Jones is out now. Jessica Dennison + Jones is a gorgeous collection of folk-influenced baroque pop. The sound is timeless, minimalist, and beautiful. The songwriting and instrumentation from this duo is perfectly executed. Grab a copy on vinyl today and be amazed.

    Jessica Dennison + Jones is out now on Party Damage Records. It was mastered for Download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Either/Or: Expanded Edition, an updated version of the legendary album from Elliott Smith, is out now. This expanded edition of Either/Or shines new light on Smith's songcraft. The album was remastered with care from the original source under the guidance of Smith's archivist and friend Larry Crane. It includes three unreleased studio tracks, five unreleased live recordings, and a rare b-side gem. It comes packaged in a gorgeous double disc gatefold, with never before seen photos and extensive liner notes. The color vinyl version sold out in pre-order but you can still grab a copy on black vinyl before they are gone.

    Either/Or: Expanded Edition was mixed by Larry Crane. It was mastered for download, CD, and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Green Valleys, the debut full length from Eastern Souvenirs, is out now. Green Valleys features stunningly sophisticated songwriting with layered guitars, synths, and esoteric percussion loops. It's an engrossing listen. Grab a copy on green vinyl before they disappear.

    Green Valleys is out now on Big Bldg Records. It was mastered for download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    Skookum Sound, the debut solo album from Marty Marquis, is out now. Skookum Sound is a departure from Marty's dayjob in Blitzen Trapper. It is a inviting blend of indie-folk songwriting and modern electronic production. An album as unique as it is beautiful. Stream the album for a taste of the new sound of Cascadia.

    Skookum Sound was mixed at Type Foundry by Martin Gonzalez. It was mastered for download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    1986'd Volume 1, is the first release out now from 1986’d Music Industries featuring bands such as such as Dog Party, La Plebe, Sarchasm, Skank Bank, Dandelion Massacre, Day Labor, and more. This fantastic full length LP offers a cross section of bands who perform regularly at the historic bay area punk venue, 924 Gilman Street. It's the first of hopefully many releases to be issued by 1986’d Music, a label operated as a collective by volunteers with some percentage of profits going directly back to the venue.

    1986'd Volume 1 was mastered for vinyl by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    No Rain, No Rose, the new LP from John Craigie, is out now. John Craigie's inviting and relaxed songwriting is disarming and powerful. That has never been as clear as on No Rain, No Rose. Each track draws you in to Craigie's spacious world of incredible performances that sound effortless. The entire album sounds extra breezy because it was recorded with longtime collaborators Bart Budwig and Brad Parsons. Stream the entire record here and grab a copy on vinyl before they disappear on John's upcoming tour.

    No Rain, No Rose was mastered for download/DC and cut for vinyl at Telegraph.

    Parts Dept., the debut album from Cardioid, is out now. Cardioid is the melding of stylistic sensibilities from Radiation City alum Elisabeth Ellison and former Unknown Mortal Orchestra drummer Riley Geare. It's psychedelic pop with influences stretching from 90s indie pop to doo wop. The songwriting is timeless and the vocal performances are stunning. Download it now and get acquainted with your new favorite band.

    Parts Dept. was produced by Elizabeth Ellison and Riley Geare. It was mastered at Telegraph.

    Bone Music, the full length from The Last Artful, Dodgr and Neill Von Tally, is out now. Bone Music is certain to be one of the most exciting hip-hop albums of the year with magmatic low end and Dodgr's inimitable cadence. Check out the video for Caverns below for a taste of Bone Music.

    Bone Music
    was mixed by Justin Longerbeam. It was mastered for digital formats and cut for vinyl at Telegraph.

    No Mercy In The Mountain, the second LP from Thanks, is out now. No Mercy In The Mountain is a darkly triumphant album of extraordinary synth rock. Fierce percussion, smoky vocal melodies, and jagged guitars make this a harrowing and irresistible record. The limited edition vinyl is almost gone, grab a copy while you still can.

    No Mercy In The Mountain was mixed by Jeff Bond. It was mastered for digital and vinyl at Telegraph.

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