Offerings, the new album from Typhoon, is out now. Offerings takes the lush instrumentation and complex songwriting of Typhoon's previous albums to beautiful new cinematic heights. It's a daring album filled with dynamic and thrilling songs. Check out the video for Rorschach below and then grab a copy of the beautiful limited-edition vinyl.

    Offerings is out now on Roll Call Records. It was mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman and mastered for Download/CD and Vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    The self titled debut from Risley is out now. Risley features members of Typhoon, Tea For Julie, and Genders and is a wistful love letter to an earlier and more innocent time. The fruit of toiling for six years and whittling down over a hundred songs to a twenty four, Risley is a as focused and emphatic a debut album as you're likely to hear. Check out the single Warpaint On below for a taste of their hook-heavy sound.

    Risley was produced by Michael Deresh, and was mastered at Telegraph.

    Book of Matches, the collaborative Ep between Matthew Thomas Ross and Typhoon's Kyle Morton, is out now.  Book of Matches is a collection of original compositions by Morton that pair with vignettes filmed by Ross.  It's an intense and beautiful experience.  Check out the video above and order the 12" which includes a copy of the videos.

    Book Of Matches is out on Bug Hunt.  It was mastered for digital and cut for vinyl at Telegraph.  

    Typhoon covering Frank Ocean?  Yes please!  Today Paste premiered Typhoon's cover of Thinking About You.  It takes the beauty of the original and expands on it as only Typhoon can. 

    Thinking About You was mixed by Paul Laxer and mastered at Telegraph

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