Treefort Music Festival just wrapped up, and it was crazy.  One of the best festivals and getting better every year.  Telegraph clients in the lineup included Aan, Summer Cannibals, Your Rival, Hustle and Drone, and more.  The guys from Sun Angle were there and also recorded a live video for their insane single Creeping Sun in an abandoned wing of the Iowa State Penitentiary.  

    Sun Angle's Diamond Junk is out now on New Moss Records and was mastered for digital and vinyl at Telegraph

    Diamond Junk, the debut LP form Sun Angle, will be released soon and the excitment is already starting to build.  Check out this snippet from Mad Mackerel.  I think ,"unique doesn't come close to describing it," is a pretty ringing endorsement!

    Diamond Junk was produced by Danny Siem of Menomena and mastered for digital and vinyl at Telegraph

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