Private Press's July club release, Gospel Train by Bishop Dready Manning. Born in 1934 in North Carolina, and Inspired by musicians like Blind Boy Fuller and Brownie McGhee, Manning, launched his musical career in the local blues clubs bootlegging moonshine on the side. Fast living caught up with him and he eventually moved from the clubs to electrifying his home town's spiritual community with arrangements of treasured gospel tunes and many of his own striking compositions. Proceeds from this release will go on to support Music Maker Relief Foundation.

    Gospel Train is available now through Private Press and online. It was mastered for vinyl/cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    Fleurie's debut album Love And War has made it's way into the world and is not to be missed. From the top of the A side straight through to the end of the B, this record is an epically beautiful electro pop journey. Each track is richly layered with winding instrumentals led by Lauren Strahm's smoldering vocal performance.

    Love And War limited vinyl is available through Private Press, or direct from the artist at

    Mastered for vinyl/cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

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