The self titled debut album from Jessica Dennison + Jones is out now. Jessica Dennison + Jones is a gorgeous collection of folk-influenced baroque pop. The sound is timeless, minimalist, and beautiful. The songwriting and instrumentation from this duo is perfectly executed. Grab a copy on vinyl today and be amazed.

    Jessica Dennison + Jones is out now on Party Damage Records. It was mastered for Download/CD and cut for vinyl by Adam at Telegraph.

    The Amor Ad Nauseum vinyl came in and it looks as good as it sounds.  Congrats to Aan and Party Damage Records for an excellent release!

    Amor Ad Nauseum was mastered and cut at Telegraph

    Congrats to Aan for having Amor Ad Nauseum listed in Pitchfork's Guide to Winter ReleasesNoisey also just premiered the video for Somewhere's Sunshine, the first single off the LP.  Check it out below.

    Amor Ad Nauseum was mastered for digital and cut for vinyl at Telegraph.  It comes out 2/1/14 on Party Damage Records.

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