Call Of The Road, the newest release out now from Jenny Don't And The Spurs. This edgy garagey-country full length release is not to be missed. Jenny's visceral crooning is a call back to country greats with a contemporary grind. Don't is backed by outstanding PDX all-stars, Kelly Halliburton of Pierced Arrows, Sam Henry of Wipers and The Rats, and JT Halmfilst of Audios Amigos.

    Call Of The Road is available now through Mississippi Records. It was mixed at Red Lantern Studios by Evan Mersky. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. And was mastered for vinyl/cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph.

    The debut full length from Ural Thomas & The Pain is out now. This album is the first release from soul legend Ural Thomas in over 40 years. Thomas was contemporary and tour-mate of James Brown and has a voice every bit as fierce and electrifying. Thomas toiled on this record for 2 years with band leader Scott Magee and succeeded in creating a timeless album of irresistible songs. The 2xLP features a gorgeous tip-on gatefold and an deluxe booklet. Get it now!

    Ural Thomas & The Pain
    was produced by Scott Magee and is out now on Mississippi Records. It was mastered for vinyl at Telegraph.

    Warzone Earth, the new LP from Peter Buck, is out now. This hotly anticipated album features Peter's brash songwriting and an incredible supporting cast including Jeff Tweedy and Krist Novoselic.  Like all of Peter's post-R.E.M. albums this one is vinyl only, and features 2 limited edition covers design by the legendary folk artist Mingering Mike, check them out below.  

    Warzone Earth was mixed by Adam Selzer and is out on Mississippi Records.  It was mastered and cut at Telegraph.


    A new Dead Moon reissue is out now!  Nervous Sooner Changes showcases Dead Moon in top form.  They've never sounded more fierce or raw than on this release.  It's a must have for fans of this seminal punk band.  

    Nervous Sooner Changes is out on Mississippi Records and was cut at Telegraph.

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