No Rain, No Rose, the new LP from John Craigie, is out now. John Craigie's inviting and relaxed songwriting is disarming and powerful. That has never been as clear as on No Rain, No Rose. Each track draws you in to Craigie's spacious world of incredible performances that sound effortless. The entire album sounds extra breezy because it was recorded with longtime collaborators Bart Budwig and Brad Parsons. Stream the entire record here and grab a copy on vinyl before they disappear on John's upcoming tour.

    No Rain, No Rose was mastered for download/DC and cut for vinyl at Telegraph.

    Working On My Farewell, the new album from John Craigie, is out now.  Working on My Farewell is a mature collection of folk songs from a relentlessly touring singer/songwriter.  Beautiful melodies, focused songwriting, and great vocals.  

    Working On My Farewell was mastered at Telegraph.  

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